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"Walking Tour
of the Elements"
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*See Special below. CD with information on all chemical elements and photographs of elements through 92 plus the ore it came from, from the original mine when possible. It also contains biographies of scientists and a history of the periodic table. This program runs in Microsoft PowerPoint®. Other information available..

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Discovery of the Elements book

Discovery of the Elements
by Dr. James L. Marshall


*See Special below. Book about the discovery of the elements. Paperback. For more information...Press here.


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Discovery of the Elements book and Walking Tour CD

*SPECIAL: BOTH Discovery of the Elements and "Walking Tour of the Elements"

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Note Cards are from the DVD "Rediscovery of the Elements" by Dr. James L. Marshall and Virginia R. Marshall. Pictures for scientist cards are from Jim and Jenny's 12 years of research on the history of chemistry for their DVD. Photographs are selected from over 20,000 pictures representing their research in 30 countries to discover primary information. The American Chemical Society, History Division, awarded them a plaque for their research on the discovery of Radon. Articles written for the Hexagon of Alpha Chi Sigma on these discoveries are on-line from Dr. Marshall's website at the University of North Texas and are included on the DVD which is now released...profits are for scholarships and fellowships.

Robert Bunsen Note Cards

Helen Beatrix Potter painted this water color and presented it in 1894 to her uncle, Sir Henry Enfield Roscoe, Professor of Chemistry at Owens College in Manchester, England. She painted it at the same time that her famous Peter Rabbit stories were evolving. Professor Roscoe had done a sabbatical with Robert Bunsen in Heidelberg, Germany, who was searching for a smokeless flame to be used in his laboratory studies. Roscoe made the initial suggestion of the "gauze" burner of Sir Humphry Davy which Bunsen extensively modified to create his eponymous Bunsen burner. This watercolor appears in Roscoe's 1906 autobiography, The life and experiences of Sir Henry Enfield Roscoe, D.C.L., LL.D.,F.R.S.

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Iconic Periodic Table Note Cards

Iconic Periodic Table
Note Cards

Note cards (5) are from the Iconic Table made by Dr. Marshall. (Click here for answers to the Periodic Table).

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Berzelius Note Cards

Berzelius Note Cards

Note cards (5) are from the photographs taken for the research on the "Rediscovery of the Elements" DVD. The 5 photographs are from Stockholm, Sweden and his home in Väversunda, Sweden, and laboratory in Gripsholm.

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Note Cards

Uraninite Note Cards

Note cards (5) are from the photograph of the sample of Uraninite from the collection used in the "Walking Tour of the Elements". Uraninite is the official mineral of the Associated Chemistry Teachers of Texas since Actinium is located in Uraninite. In this sample of uraninite it is estimated that through the steady-state decay chain there exists about 1 nanogram (10 -9 gram) of actinium.

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