Rediscovery of the Elements

Europe, 2001


The Louvre is a great place for buying old 1800 maps.
Also, location of Lovoisier's early laboratory.

Petite Arsenal

Dr. Theriot joined us in the search for the Bastille.

Academy of France where Pierre Curie spoke after Nobel Prize.

Berlin Museum,
Germany, where Klaproth minerals are kept.

Old town of Goettingen, Germany, where Wohler did his work.

Althofen, Austria

Cognac, France, Boisbaudran's home.

Brevik-Statthalle, Norway, where Thorite was discovered.

Edinburgh castle--went to New Univ. of Edinburgh, Scotland, to see Hope's experiments.

This is how they turn the engine around in Gripsholm, near where Berzelius' laboratory is located.Sweden. We went to find the laboratory of B

Fjord in Oslo, Norway, before leaving for mine at Evje.

Jim working on notes on the train.

Otto Hahn laboratory in Berlin where nuclear fission was discovered.

Hope you enjoyed our pictures!

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